Chicago Mobile Makers Finishes Successful Spring Programs

Photo credit: Francisco Lopez de Arenosa


Our Spring workshops kept us busy! Starting in April, we began working with two different student groups during and after school. Continue reading to learn about the fun we had!


Academy for Global Citizenship

For seven weeks, 8th grade students at the Academy for Global Citizenship, a Charter School in the Garfield Ridge neighborhood, participated in a design adventure. Maya Bird-Murphy, and a few workshop facilitators from the Board of Directors, led students through all of the traditional design phases; analysis, schematic design, design development, construction. Students were tasked to create a building or space that would add social and/or economic value to the community.

Final projects were presented to our guest Jury Members, Hiba Bhatty, Jennifer Cooper, Danielle Spence, and Francisco Lopez de Arenosa. Projects ranged from food depositories that grow their own food, to public pools that are free to people in the neighborhood, to teen-only arcades and basketball courts that are a safe haven for kids after school.

Students were awarded certificates for their hard and thoughtful work.


Students identify land uses in their neighborhood.

Students participate in an observational neighborhood walk.


Students get a closer look at the map of their neighborhood.

San'dexcia transfers her shoe concept onto her real shoes.

Lake Grove Village Apartments

A similar design adventure occurred at Lake Grove Village Apartments, an affordable housing complex in the Douglas neighborhood, but the focus was on shoe designs that make a difference. The workshop was in partnership with architreasures and the Center of Higher Development. Board Member and Lead Facilitator, Aliza Feder, led students through neighborhood analysis, identifying strengths and weaknesses and creating a shoe design that would combat the weaknesses and boost the strengths.

Some early concepts included free shoes so that they're more accessible to the community, shoes that have the power to make people drop their guns, and shoes that boost confidence and positivity when they are worn.

Little did the students know that they would be bringing their concepts to life on a real canvas shoe.

We celebrated the students’ hard work with a pizza party!

I chose these colors because there’s so much hate in the world, and I wanted to change the negativity into positivity with one small thing. A small thing is better than nothing. I wrote inspiring words on my shoes so everyone will believe in themselves.
— San'Dexcia

San'dexcia's shoe design.


Please stay tuned for updates on our Summer 2018 and Fall 2018 programs.

If you are interested in bringing a workshop like this to your school or organization, please contact us.